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                                                                     Marketing - International Business Development


In other words , Thalamus provides a bridge between you and the targeted market by offering a range of flexible marketing services.

We can find out whether your products have potential in the targeted country :

Whether there is demand for your products and is the current  market status is favourable to start your business? 

We shall do market study and revert with feedback from potential buyers which shall help you make prompt decisions.

We can develop a marketing strategy plan for you:

You require a proper marketing plan to approach the right customers - propose correct product range - affix right price to your products  - make use of proper distribution channels - draft out the right message in local language - utilise local communication media - supervise your marketing activities - and of course fix a budget. We can tailor make your entry marketing plan for each and every market.

We can shortlist dealers /distributors  for your products:

 A network of distributors, partners or franchisees is necessary  to distribute your products in the targeted market. We can shortlist the right distributor candidates, find out their credentials, assess their suitability and appoint them on your behalf. We shall also supervise and support your sales network on a continuous basis after their  appointment.

We are your local sales team in the targeted market.

A local sales team with the knowledge, culture, language and selling skills is required to represent your esteemed company to potential customers in the market. We can form a highly effective sales force which will increase your sales speed .We can also hire and train a new sales team for you, or give support and direction to your existing sales team within the local market.

We shall exert complete marketing support in the targeted market:

Complete and quick marketing support is important in order to  take advantage of opportunities in the market. We shall design the marketing strategy and implement it for you on a day-to-day basis, let it be advertising and promoting your products - producing communication materials - selling to customers - managing the product range - establishing your brand -  customer service care  - and developing long-term customer relationships.

In case you want to set up your business premises , we can help you get your business registered, shortlist suitable locations, construct an organisation structure, involve in the negotiations, and execute legal and financial aspects on your behalf.

In short we can help you establish a local presence in the targeted market.

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