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Strategy of entry into Indian market:

India as world's fourth largest economy has  witnessed unprecedented level of economic expansion, presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for foreign companies entering into her market. Indian GDP is likely to sustain growth of 10% in current decade which offers unique advantage to foreign companies targeting India market as their marketing and supply destination.

Thalamus helps clients in making successful India entry plan by providing cost effective solutions starting from idea validation to strategy implementation process.

  Identifying opportunities in Indian market·

  Formulating India Entry Strategy·

  Developing Business and Marketing Plan for India market·

  Support for strategy implementation·

Managing Partner

Vivekanandan Thiagarajan


For the extra output without investing in new personal resources, or retaining agencies that can only deliver one part of the process, such as data, telemarketing, sales, collateral production, fulfilment etc.
Thalamus makes life easier for its clients by providing outsourced sales and marketing services that deliver what is needed.

Our Corporate Profile

Our base in India is dealing with all kind of manufacturers in outsourcing of any product  required by our overseas clients and vice versa. In other words ,we are product outsourcing agent  for any manufacturer or  trader who has difficulty in procurement or sourcing of any product or any Machinery Spare Part. ​

We deal in all types of Machinery Spare parts irrespective of their value in light as well as heavy engineering sectors. We have  established collaborations  with a wide range of suppliers . For any new product , we search for best suppliers who can provide quality products at a reasonable price. We have started this outsourcing activity initially for Paper industry but now we are in a position to cater to  any other industry like  Pharma & Chemical, Food Processing, Rice, Sugar, Pulp, Textiles,etc.

This  is very beneficial for all our overseas clients  who look India as an alternative market or hub for any product or  spare requirements.This is  due to availability  of low-cost products of equivalent quality but inability to source it effectively or finding problems in dealing with the suppliers. We are a single window solution for all your spare requirements (primarily Machine Spare Parts) where you can forward your product query to us for  sourcing  in India  and deliver.



1.     Source a required product  where it is difficult to approach the brand directly for various reasons.

2.     Source an equivalent product of any brand  for cost-effeciency.

3.     Source  any Spare Part Item where it is difficult to approach the supplier directly for various reasons

4.     Source any requirement by offering you best prices, favorable delivery schedules and other terms

5.     In general we take care of correspondence with your potential buyer and local sales support material from brochures to website, direct marketing and can deliver integrated communications that resonate with your audience,sales message drafting in local style, marketing support services and tactical/campaign marketing materials.


Step 1. You send us requirement of a product with specifications including any brand Step 2. For any specific brand we approach the brand locally and conclude best deal.

Step 3. For any non branded product  we approach best Indian suppliers of the product offering competitive rates and favorable terms.

Step 4. We quote you with the price and terms.

Step 5. If agreed on terms and rates, you send us the order for execution.

THALAMUS is the most beneficial business channel for overseas clients searching  to source their product from India and Indian clients as well  to source their product from abroad especially Eastern Europe , Russia and CIS where language barrier is a significant issue. Thus, we invite all business traders and manufacturers who view India as an alternative market or hub for low-cost products to associate with us for all your machinery spare parts or heavy equipment requirements. For our collaboration with the suppliers, we are here to help you in sourcing most of your product requirement at one place and at  competitive prices and terms.


In its concept, THALAMUS  is analogical to the concept of Business Product Outsourcing (BPO). Generally  BPO views from service angle whereas THALAMUS  looks from product angle. Operation wise, we are entirely a transaction based model similar to any normal sale and purchase transaction.

THALAMUS IS A SINGLE WINDOW SOLUTION for your entire machinery or spare parts requirement. It is simply outsourcing all your store consumables item requirements to us so that you can focus on your main business.​We would search for best suppliers in the countries of our presence and offer you best rates & terms based on our existing or new tie-ups. If our rates and terms are favorable, you release order to us and we execute the same as your normal vendor.

Our operation is based on the following concept that works in two phases:

Phase I:

Receiving your requirement with specification 

Sourcing the best supplier 

Offering best quotation to you

Phase II:

Study of our offer by you

Release of order by you

Execution of your order by us

Thalamus India TEL: +919842287874

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