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- Concept and scenario development,

- Video editing and color correction,

- 4K video shooting,

- Aerial video,

- 2D and 3D graphics design,

- Soundtrack creation

"MK Tsentrstal " sells metal-roll in Moscow, Moscow region, Central Russia and the CIS countries. We offer a wide range of products ( from the stainless steel sheet to components for piping ) at competitive prices .

" Energotehnika-proekt"Ltd a leading engineering company in the market of Industrial Energy of the Russian Federation. More than 20 years "SKB " Power Engineering - Project " " successfully works in the field of energy technology , providing customers with the Russian Federation , CIS countries , Europe, the full range of services from design to commissioning of thermal power equipment.

Our company has over 7 years of experience in the supply of experimental equipment for the vivarium and research laboratories in the CIS countries and has a reputation as a reliable supplier. We are dealers of the world's leading manufacturers of this type of product.
Our company supplies the following areas:
- Experimental equipment for analgesia research, locomotorl activity, behavioral, metabolic, and others;
- Systems and devices for measurement of blood pressure, ECG, temperature, and other parameters;
- Animal house products;
- Systems for the study of tissues and cells;
- Laboratory equipment;
- Laboratory reagents.


The company "THALAMUS RUS" offers to supply equipment and components for paper production and processing of paper and waste paper into finished products.

As of today the official representative and partner of a number of well-known production companies from the CIS, South-East Asia and China, we are able to offer high-quality equipment and components for the production of paper, cardboard, tissue, and paper and cardboard packaging products made of recycled wastepaper .

Delivery of the equipment is made in any of the CIS region. Our company also carries out work on the installation supervision, commissioning and customer training on-site installation.

The company "BISKOTTI" - specializes in the production of high-quality biscuits, produced by Italian technology exclusively from natural raw materials. In the assortment portfolio of the enterprise, there are now more than 50 types of delicious products, presented in various types of packaging.

«GazSurf» ia a full-cycle engineering company focusing on oil&gas projects.

"GazSurf" team is compiled of first-class engineers and technicians with vast experience of designing and field work both in Russia and abroad.

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