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Manufacturing stone engraving machines and modern equipment for photo ceramics is the key business of our company. Mirtels stone engraving machines, which we have been manufacturing for as long as 12 years, are sold in specialist markets in many countries. In so doing, the geography and the sale volumes of stone engraving machines is expanding annually. This is indicative of the superior quality of the equipment we offer.

Intecracy Group is an international consortium of companies working in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Consortium members are independent partners operating in different market segments. Partners provide new generation ICT-services such as the development of custom software solutions, ICT-services outsourcing, as well as consultation for the information technology sphere.

The Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FEU) – is the most influential association of Ukrainian business. Founded in 2002, by now for 14 years the Federation successfully represents and protects the interests of business in Ukraine and internationally. At present, the FEU unites over 80 sectoral and regional organizations of employers representing the most important sectors of the economy of Ukraine, such as machine building, metallurgy, automotive, aerospace and defense industries, agriculture, chemical industry, IT, media industry, energy, medical and microbiological industry, construction, transport and infrastructure, retail and logistics, light and food industries, tourism, utilities, services sector. The Federation represents over 8.5 thousands enterprises, collectively employing over 6 million people and generating about 70 % of the national GDP. Core values: ​​Leadership Openness Independence and political neutrality Competence and responsibility Being ethical in business Mission: to represent and protect the interests of investors in Ukraine and worldwide; to set up effective and equal cooperation between the business community, the government and trade unions; to establish best business practices in Ukraine; to implement their own projects and initiatives promoting ethical and legal standards of doing business in Ukraine. Vision for the next few years: Ukraine – is a production center for Europe; Ukrainian industry will receive a "green light" for technical upgrading; Ukraine wins the fight for investment; Employers are responsible for creating new jobs in Ukraine.

Priority activities of the company "Ameton":  complement of spare parts for equipment of Ukrainian and European companies, subways and railroads, as well as support for international industrial cooperation programs between the CIS producers and the European Union.

The main activity of the company "Elektroteplomash" is the development and production of heat-generators, steam generators, industrial electric boilers (boilers), water heaters, as well as non-standard equipment elektrootopitelnogo. The company's specialists are constantly working on improvement, improvement and modernization of manufactured equipment, increasing its performance and competitiveness at the Ukrainian market of specialized equipment.


MUST-IPRA, an industrial and financial corporation, was established in Kharkov in 1993.

     From the moment of its foundation the Corporation has been dynamically expanding its structure and extending the scope of its activities. To date the Corporation managed to create a stable base of business partnership and cooperation both in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

     One of the Corporation priorities is to manufacture the equipment for the automation of power supply facilities, software and databases development and implementation. The highly-skilled specialists of the companies that form the Corporation, have developed hardware and software packages for enterprises of energy, metallurgical, oil and gas, chemical, engineering, transport industries, as well as for governmental authorities.

     For many years the Corporation has been operating in the field of power engineering by providing whole range of services for technical re-equipment, reconstruction and modernization of power-supply facilities and power equipment production and supply.

     The companies representing such Corporation’s activities as financing, investment, trading and security activities have achieved considerable results. In its work the Corporation also has been paying much attention to charitable and public activities.

     Amongst our business partners are Railways of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the Baltic countries, Ukrainian undergrounds; the largest power generation and distribution companies, metallurgical and chemical plants and other industrial enterprises.

     One of the most important strategic tasks of the Corporation is to establish partnership relations with enterprises of Ukraine, neighbors and other foreign countries, as well as to implement new projects and activities.

LLC "Ukrainian energy and power company" is part of the "PetroSiti" Commerce and Industry Group, it is the subject of foreign economic activity and has a contractual relationship with a number of Russian companies to supply power equipment for industrial enterprises of Ukraine.

JSC "Kovelselmash" - the leading machine-building factory, which specializes in the production chain, stampings and hot forgings, agricultural machinery, accessories and spare parts.

TRADING HOUSE "EUROMET", one of the largest suppliers of stainless steel and pipes in Ukraine, celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding.

Enterprise has rich history and wonderful Labor Traditions.

On its historical path, overcoming difficulties and achieving brilliant successes, team of enterprise has developed and carried through decades of its activities such priceless tradition, like constant focus on highest achievements in technical level of production, formation, development and support of highly qualified, creative team.

As result, PJSC "Turboatom" is one of strategic enterprises of Ukraine, determining to a considerable degree energy and national security of the state. The plant is part of the top ten turbine construction companies in the world, accounting for the global market of power engineering making real competition to such industrial giants as General Electric, Siemens, Alstom, JSC "Power machines", Andritz Hidro, Voith.

Concern «NICMAS», founded in 1994, today is a large versatile company which unites a number of enterprises located in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The main focus of concern is the production of modern high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment for industry and energy, spare parts, extensive after-sales service, providing customers with advanced technologies and other kinds of works and services. One of the important directions of the activity is an industrial marketing, allowing the concern «NICMAS» serve the coordinator of production processes of industrial enterprises and to be an active participant in market relations, conduct their activities in different directions.

«DNEPROPROMLIT» Ltdis a cutting-edge casting manufacturer, specialized in the casting processes for ductile iron and varied grades of heat-resistant and alloyed steels. Our manufacturing as well as our team of highly qualified specialists serves a single purpose of creating high-quality production output with outstanding technological features and extended service lifespan without maintenance or replacement.

For this very purpose we acquire not only skilled specialists, but also high-precision, state-of-the-art casting and machining equipment manufactured by world’s leading companies. For us the notion of partnership is not just a theoretical concept. Our partnership spans over our esteemed clients as it does over our equipment suppliers and information services suppliers.

Our company is a dealer of world’s top-class consumables for casting industry, the choice of which has not been made randomly – our unparalleled quality begins from the smallestnib of sand in the mold.

Electrotyazhmash is internationally recognized brand in designing and manufacturing of turbogenerators, hydrogenerators,large direct current machines, complete electric equipment for urban and railway electric transport. Quality of manufactured products and rendered services is confirmed by the partnership with the enterprises from 50 countries all over the world.

Products, manufactured by SE Plant Electrotyazhmash, are designed taking into account requirements of a customer and correspond to international standards IEC: 34-1, 34-2, 34-3, 34-4, 34-5, 34-6, 34-8 and VDE-0530.

Electrotyazhmash uses complex tailor made approach to each customer, renders not only ready-made products, but alsomaintenance service  and services of the test center. 

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