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WYDREX combines two of the most advanced technology solutions available today with state-of-the-art electronics enabling fully autonomous operation to deliver the most advanced treatment to potable level.

Our BIO and NANO technologies combine unique benefits such as sludge and chemical reduction, significantly reduced footprint and power consumption charges whilst delivering an odour free solution making it ideal for built up areas. The end product is the highest quality drinking water with eliminated bacteria, viruses, medical residues, hormones, pesticides, toxins, heavy metals and micro plastics.

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ThermoGlass® Electric Heated Glass

Unique, perfectly transparent Nano-System heated glass represents a future trend in the heating of modern buildings.

ThermoGlass® electric heated glass is an insulating glass capable of emitting radiant heat with the intensity of up to 80°C. A totally transparent conductive layer is applied on the glass surface which works as a heating element. Visually, the glass is no different from conventional glasses but thanks to its properties it offers unique advantages that cannot be found in other glasses.


ECOBOX Company

ECOBOX is a leader in the implementation of innovative digital technologies in the field of waste management. We carry out design, production, service support and commissioning of MODULAR UNITS OF CONTAINERS (MBK) "ECOBOX" © - which contribute to the creation of comfortable conditions for separation and collection of waste, as well as its modernization, repair and supply of spare parts.

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