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                                                                     Marketing - International Business Development


THALAMUS is an international innovation platform based on three principal fundamentals; -

1.  Sharing Economy - development of trust-based mutual economical liaison;

2.  Networking - benefiting from the results of this Friendship;

3. Synergy – interdependency of interested parties' efforts, opinions and experience in building up a new progressive community.

Given that the actual global economy fails to keep up pace with the emerging IT innovation solutions and global economic tools, THALAMUS Platform assists in reducing this gap by way of promoting new solutions and approaches among Global Players.

THALAMUS Team made its choice based on a variety of factors and processes going on in the Global Economy, which are as follows:

- Risks due to instability of political relationships between international state establishments and world community members;

- Dominance of single big corporations (players) in the Global Market;

- Drop of trust among the players of the Global Market;

- Lack of generally accessible economic tools;

- Historically formed differences in opportunities to improve the well-being of global population, being the cause of internal corruption in different countries and low level universal ethical principles;

- Obsolete and unstable global economic model leading to military conflicts and global ecological disasters.


       THALAMUS Advantages and Viability.


In our days, each country has its own economic environment, traditions, language, cultural understanding of partnership, own tax base, corruption and other internal factors which often impede to establish contacts and liaisons within global economic and trade businesses. Taking this into account, THALAMUS  developed its platform on base of the main binding principle-  availability of own highly experienced local staff in the respective branch who know their business environment and rules inside out.

It means that in India THALAMUS branch is managed by the Indians, in Austria- the Austrians, in Ukraine-  the Ukrainians in Russia- the Russian, etc.

Each national  THALAMUS branch combines the best local specialists in  production, logistics, accounting, financial planning, law and in a lot of other fields.


THALAMUS Advantages for Our Partners:

- use local branches as own business representatives;

- use the platform to deliver own foreign business activities;

- search for new prospective clients through THALAMUS local branch;

- communicate with prospective clients and forward them their proposals on behalf of THALAMUS;

- give an opportunity for clients to increase the added value without unreasonable expenditures on unreliable agents;

- communicate with Final Users;

- publish the information on the goods and official catalogues on THALAMUS  regional websites with obligatory links to the Client’s official website;

- place advertisings in national online and print media;

- get an assistance in searching for prospective distributors within the agreed territories;

- get an assistance in certifying and adapting the Client’s goods for the local market.


All the above is a reliable way for THALAMUS  partners to mitigate any financial or temporary risks on entering new international markets under THALAMUS cover, combining open-minded people, companies, productions and consumers of new goods and services under one single flag. THALAMUS is a reliable partner for all those businesses searching for  an assistance in expanding own economic possibilities inside national country or within the whole world trade environment.


Resource and time saving

International partnership within a single business environment

Entry into the international business environment

Cutting-edge business technologies

Work with qualified            staff

Reliability and confidentiality of the delivered services

New partners



Logistics specialists

Managers of Foreign Economic Relations

Customs Brokers

Experienced Auditors

IT specialists

Financial analysts

Advertising agencies

Lawyers in international affairs

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