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Thalamus – international business opportunity platform  

Thalamus is a business-networking tool for dynamic small and medium sized technology businesses, with international partners based mainly in EU, India, Russia and Ukraine. If you have an innovative product or service, which you believe could do well on foreign markets, but still lack trustworthy international partners, Thalamus networking instrument can step in via our resident companies. Irrespective whether you want to analyze best local opportunities, choose viable market entry strategy, manage setting up of your foreign start up, find new local clients (business outsourcing), arrange for particular services necessary to initiate and grow your foreign business or arrange for financing, Thalamus matches you with trusted local solutions. We rely on individually vetted partners and trustwothy individuals standing behind them, with whom some of us have already done business together, and who have also stood the test of time on their home market. We enable you to reach like - minded peers abroad, and facilitate bringing your innovative projects into life.  If the above resonates with you, please contact relevant local manager to  discuss synergies in detail. 

Sharing Economy

                  - mutual, trusting Economy.

Sharing Economy

Innovations from THALAMUS:

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